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How does an elder care attorney benefit families?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2022 | ELDER LAW - Elder Law

Senior citizens require assistance in many areas, and the services of an elder care attorney can benefit seniors and their family members. Here are some important ways that elder care attorneys provide assistance.

Create a living will

A living will is a legal document that informs doctors, caregivers and medical providers of a person’s medical care preferences in the event of grave illness or death. For example, an elderly person might not want to be on life support or be resuscitated, and this information would be in their living will.

Financial representation

Unfortunately, financial abuse and identity theft among the elderly is very common. One of the purposes of elder law is to help protect an elderly person’s assets and provide litigation in the event of financial abuse by family members or strangers.

Estate planning

Elder care attorneys also assist with estate planning, which allows an elderly person to decide which people, organizations and charities should receive their assets if they become incapacitated or when they pass away.

Appointment of a legal guardian

An elder care attorney can also appoint caregivers and legal guardians for seniors. Oftentimes, the caregiver is a relative, but there are many instances when an elderly person wants someone other than a family member to care for them during their senior years, and an elder care attorney can make that happen.

Power of attorney

An elder care attorney often acts as power of attorney, which means they are authorized to act on a person’s behalf and handle all of their business and legal affairs.

Elderly people face many challenges as they age, and they require assistance throughout their senior years. Elder care attorneys help provide this assistance by working together with family members to ensure the needs of their aging loved ones are met.