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Proper nursing home care while on Medicaid

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | ELDER LAW - Medicaid Planning

Sometimes, you might need to make the decision for a Connecticut family member to move into a nursing home. Medicaid is often one of the most common ways for residents to cover the costs of staying in this type of facility, but there are a few rules to consider before making any final decisions.


When it comes to Medicaid planning, a detail to keep in mind is that the program typically pays for staying in a nursing home after a few eligibility requirements are met. One of the things that the state will usually consider when completing financial eligibility documents that go with the application is marital status. Once all of the income information of each person in the home is gathered and the application is complete, you will find out how much Medicaid will pay for the costs associated with staying in a nursing home. A key difference from Medicare is that Medicare will typically only pay for up to 100 days of staying in a facility.

The kind of care

While in a nursing home, the proper medical care is usually provided for each patient depending on their specific needs. The patient would have someone watch over them 24 hours a day while in the facility to ensure that they are safe, receive the medications that they need, and any rehabilitation services that might be needed. There are some facilities that only have one hallway or a certain number of beds for residents who receive Medicaid, which is something to consider when deciding on which facility to use.

Even while receiving Medicaid, people are entitled to the same level of care and payment options as those without this type of health coverage.