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Elder care recovery: better at home or hospital?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Firm News

Seniors often require longer to heal from injuries and illnesses. It is not unusual to expect the recovery to occur at a hospital, but there are reasons to consider recovering at home. The decision is one that many people need to make every year. Connecticut families that want the best for their elderly loved ones must consider the benefits and potential drawbacks to find what works best for everyone.

Make more room

Hospital overcrowding has become a concern in many states. Home care of an ailing loved one creates more room for those who are either too ill to remain home or do not have people to care for them. Elder Law does not require family members to have medical training. The only requirement of home care is that the individual receives the care they need.

Protect elderly relatives

Leaving a vulnerable senior in a hospital or transferring them to a nursing or rehabilitation facility may concern some people. Most facilities and medical professionals provide caring and effective treatment. Despite this, some seniors experience abuse and neglect or become victims of medical mistakes. At-home care offers an alternative for those who want to stay by the side of their loved ones and keep them safe.

Reduce care costs

Hospital stays can become overwhelmingly expensive. Seniors who live on fixed incomes may struggle with treatment costs. At-home care is an affordable option that allows people to have more money to cover prescriptions and other needs by forgoing the expense of a hospital room and 24-hour medical services.

The decision to care for someone at home is personal. Every family needs to decide what is best for them. Many people thrive with at-home care, and many others prefer the reassurance of doctors and nurses around them. All patients benefit when their loved ones remain involved and supportive wherever they choose to stay.