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The value of preparing a Connecticut long-term care plan

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | ELDER LAW - Elder Law

For the Connecticut aging community, long-term care is a considerable expense. Unfortunately, this benefit is often not a part of most healthcare plans, is not covered by Medicare and is expensive. As a result, many families deplete their savings by paying for them.

As people age, daily activities like bathing, cooking, dressing, driving and remembering to take medications can be challenging. A long-term insurance plan lessens the burden of aging and is a significant part of elder care.

Most states have a Medicaid program to assist with long-term care costs, but many families must exhaust all or most of their resources to qualify. In elder care, the best decisions are planned over time. There are several types of long-term care plans, and choosing early and wisely to keep costs affordable is wise.

Who needs long-term care?

Elder care doesn’t always include long-term care. As a result, many people are living longer and healthier than previous generations. That said, most people have loved ones who can help with most things, and they can rest themselves.

Long-term care plans benefit people who need constant care, such as those living with serious illnesses like cancer, dementia or Parkinson’s disease. Talking about future needs is a suitable place to explore what kind of care you need, the costs, and how long you need it.

Preparation steps for long-term care planning

Getting organized and exploring different plan types will help you narrow down your choices for long-term care. Consider these steps during the planning stage:

  • Talk things over with family.
  • Evaluate your assets and liabilities.
  • Discuss your health concerns with your doctor.
  • Set a plan in place and review it regularly.

A prepared plan is a fantastic way to alleviate the worry of aging. In addition, setting an annual review date will ensure that your plan continues to meet your needs.