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Use elder law to plan for the future when you get older

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | ELDER LAW - Elder Law

If you’re over 65 in Connecticut and want to ensure there’s a plan established for your assets and care requirements as you get older, it’s helpful to explore the area of elder law. Doing so can provide answers related to your estate planning, health care and long-term care needs, ensuring your legal rights are protected.

Management of assets

A primary area of elder law that should be addressed as you get older and plan for the future includes estate planning. This action ensures your property goes to chosen beneficiaries, easing the burden on your family. It’s also helpful in minimizing expenses and can reduce the taxes paid on your estate.

Healthcare directives

As you get older, the odds of needing medical care increase. If you’re incapacitated and can’t make decisions for yourself, advance directives can guide medical professionals on how you want to be treated. Unexpected situations can occur quickly near the end of your life, making it challenging for you physically or mentally. Planning with elder law safeguards you from not getting the medical care you desire.

Living will and power of attorney

If you can’t make critical decisions in the future, assigning a person you trust with a durable power of attorney over your healthcare needs can be helpful. They can act on your behalf when you can’t make important medical decisions for yourself. This response is usually needed when struck with a physical or mental malady. The person you name will usually be a close friend or family member. Having a living will is also essential as it indicates the medical treatments you will accept.

By planning for your future as an elderly adult early, you can avoid unnecessary suffering and reduce confusion about the choices you’d like made on your behalf.