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Are VA monthly disability benefits transferable on death?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2024 | VETERANS AFFAIRS - Disabled Veterans

For those receiving Veterans Affairs disability payments, your family relies on these payments, perhaps even for survival. This means there are concerns surrounding the transferability of VA disability benefits upon the passing of a veteran, and if they are transferable, making sure they are included in the estate plan.

VA disability benefits are a crucial form of support provided to veterans who developed disabilities incurred during their active military service. These benefits are tailored to the degree of disability and dependent count and are tax-free.

Are VA monthly disability benefits transferable on death?

No. It is essential to recognize that upon the veteran’s death, these benefits cease. They do not transfer to the surviving spouse or any of their dependents. While this might initially be concerning to their family members, the VA offers alternative avenues of support.

Alternative avenues of support

One such avenue is the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation program. DIC provides monthly compensation to eligible spouses or dependents of veterans who pass away due to a service-connected injury or illness. This program has specific eligibility criteria that must be met by the surviving spouse or dependent.

In Connecticut, surviving spouses of deceased veterans are entitled to various benefits. These benefits include property tax exemptions, state college and university tuition assistance and state employment exam credits. These provisions aim to ease the burden on surviving spouses and support them in various aspects of life.

For those seeking to apply for benefits, there are multiple avenues available. Surviving spouses can opt for online application through AccessVA or submit forms via mail to the Department of Veterans Affairs Pension Intake Center.

While VA disability benefits are not transferable upon the veteran’s death, alternative support options such as DIC exist to assist surviving spouses and dependents. Additionally, Connecticut offers specific benefits to qualifying surviving spouses, aiming to provide financial relief and assistance in various areas of life.