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VA reports a whopping 120,000 stuck claims in its online system

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | VETERANS AFFAIRS - Disabled Veterans

For veterans in Connecticut and the rest of the country, filing for claims online has been a method that has been gaining momentum. This is more so the case in the past few years as technology has advanced. However, some recent news is somewhat concerning.

Claims dating back several years delayed

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recently reported that claims of as many as 120,000 veterans that were filed online are stuck in its systems due to technical problems. This is an increase of 35 percent compared to the previous year.

In August 2023, the VA admitted that technical flaws in the online disability claims filing process affected tens of thousands of veterans. At the time, it reported that around 32,000 claims were delayed, some as long as five years, due to the errors in the online system. Two weeks later, in early September, the VA reported 57,000 additional stuck cases.

Internal reviews found that 81,000 dependency claims misdirected within the computer system. There were also thousands of other such stuck cases in various other categories.

What is the VA doing about the delays?

According to the VA Chief Information Officer, out of the total number of such stuck cases, the department has so far processed 26,500 dependency claims and 22,500 disability claims. The officials are working on the errors and are trying to process the remaining stuck claims as soon as possible.

An estimated 14 million inquiries are entered into the VA’s online system every month. Interestingly, per VA officials, software errors and a lack of regular monitoring of the online system for potential problems are the major causes of these misdirected claims.

Thankfully, all veterans whose claims are being delayed will receive retroactive payments starting from the original date. While it’s a hope for many, there are many veterans for who these unwarranted delays have caused significant financial hardships.

Claiming VA disability benefits

Despite various safeguards, claiming VA benefits can prove to be challenging. It may be more so for many senior veterans who are already likely to be facing challenges owing to their lack of familiarity with computers. Therefore, it may be a wise decision to engage the assistance of a professional when dealing with the VA.