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by | Mar 5, 2024 | Firm News

We are a preferred destination for financial representatives, accountants, medical professionals, and even other attorneys or legal experts seeking guidance in the field of Elder Law.  Stillman & Associates, LLC boasts a professional reputation of excellence built on trust, expertise, and a history of serving our clients and their families.  Over 85% of our client base originates as direct referrals from attorneys, their staff, financial representatives, and healthcare professionals for either their own personal matters or for referrals on their client’s behalf.

Our firm takes great pride in being sought out by numerous out-of-state attorneys and financial companies for consultations on Connecticut Estate Plans for their clients. Attorneys and financial representatives trust us as their go-to resource for elder law issues due to our unwavering commitment to professionalism, integrity, and collaboration. We deliver tailored solutions for these professionals and their families in order to meet their unique needs. Furthermore, we have developed a reputation for being known for honest, straight answers and will create and/or review either conservative or aggressive planning to meet our clients’ wishes and/or needs.

With a focus on clear communication and multiple updates throughout any process, we prioritize building strong relationships with fellow professionals. By partnering with us, attorneys, financial representatives, accountants, and healthcare providers can rest assured knowing both they and/or their clients are receiving access to expert guidance and personalized attention from a dedicated team of elder law professionals.


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